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Simple XML-RPC Library (both client and server)
XRL Documentation

XRL is a simple XML-RPC Library for PHP. It includes both a client and server implementation.

Main features:

  • Very intuitive syntax for RPC using the method call operator on client objects:
    $result = $client->remoteMethod('first parameter', 'second parameter');
  • Very intuitive syntax for methods definition on the server side, using either array accessors:
    $server['myMethod'] = function ($s) { return 'Hello ' . $s; }
    or attribute accessors:
    $server->myMethod = function ($s) { return 'Hello ' . $s; }
  • Automatic type juggling back and forth between native PHP types and XML-RPC types
  • Support for many XML-RPC extensions:
  • Easy to install, easy to use:
    • Sources only depend on PHP 5.3.4+ and a few PHP extensions (PCRE, SPL, GMP & XML-related extensions)
    • Can be installed from sources or from a PHAR archive
  • Bundled command-line XML-RPC client (bin/xrl when installed from sources, the PHAR archive itself otherwise)