Contributing to XRL

There are several ways by which you may contribute to XRL.

Try it!

The more people use it, the better, because it means bugs and regressions can be detected more quickly.

Report Bugs / Suggest Features

If you use XRL and find issues with it, please let us know on GitHub. Try to provide as much detail as possible on how to reproduce your issue. As a rule of thumb, the easier it is to reproduce an issue, the quicker it gets fixed.

Improve the Documentation

We try to document XRL as much as we can, but acting both as developers and documentation writers, we tend to be biased as to what needs documentation.

So if you feel like some parts could be clearer, send us a pull request with your modifications and we’ll try to review them as soon as possible. Any help to improve the documentation will be greatly appreciated!

Fork It! And Improve the Code

If you find a bug and have some PHP knowledge and time to spare, grab a copy of the code and have a go at fixing it.

If you already have a GitHub account, it’s quite simple:

  1. Fork the code
  2. Hack away
  3. Send a pull request for review
  4. Repeat again starting at step 2